Friday, 19 August 2016

Dr. Rowan Molnar – The Founder of St. Vincent’s Simulation Centre

Dr Rowan Molnar

Dr Rowan Molnar is a highly-experienced medical professional who founded St. Vincent’s Simulation Centre in 2000. He obtained funding from government and private sources, oversaw the building of the centre, and appointed skilled staff including medical educators and simulation specialist assistants. In addition, he equipped the centre with high fidelity and park task trainers.

Dr Rowan Molnar has also worked with the Australian Government for approximately nine months. He was a part of the Surgical Support Team, and provided anaesthetic analgesia and related services for the patients of the Australian Federal Police. In addition, his duties also included:
  • Providing anaesthetic, analgesia and related services for the patients of the Australian Federal Police.
  • Providing outpatient consultations, pre-operative assessments, consultations and other related anaesthetic services.
  • Participating in an after-hours on-call roster for services to patients on the AFP.
  • Participating in anaesthetic administrative matters including preparation of medical reports, rosters, technical advice on medical equipment, and preparation of tender specifications, committees and staff meetings.
  • Participating in performance appraisal and development processes.
  • Participating in a working environment that supported quality Human Resource Management.

Dr Rowan Rustem Molnar has extensive experience in providing patients with the best in medical care. He has worked for numerous leading hospitals and medical facilities across Australia, as well as internationally. He started his professional career in the medical field as an intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. He served in this position for less than a year, and then earned a promotion to Junior Resident Medical Officer and Anaesthetic Registrar.

In 1993, he joined Epworth HealthCare and St. Vincent’s Health Melbourne and was involved in intensive care management operations. These included cardiac failure, respiratory failure, major blood loss, septicaemia, post major and cardiac surgery, neurological conditions, and airway management.

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